• society: are you under 100 lbs?
  • girl: no, but im happy.
  • society: is your hair down to your ass?
  • girl: no, but im happy.
  • society: do you have huge boobs?
  • girl: no, but.
  • society: do you have a perfect smile?
  • girl: no, but.
  • society: do you have a flawless face?
  • girl: no.
  • society: Do you realize how ugly you are?
  • society: Do you realize that no one wants you?
  • society: Do you realize you're stupid?
  • society: Where did you go?
  • society: Have you commited suicide?
  • society: Omg, no, she was so beautiful, and special, and loved, she will be missed so much, society is so ugly, why did she have to go?



don’t you just hate the feeling that you’re drifting from someone really close to you?

and there’s nothing you can do about it because you can’t force them to be friends with you forever

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Hiley :3


do you think i wanted this

this obsession with this stupid band

do you think i asked for it

do you think i’m alright with it

you know nothing

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I just posted 'Claus: Legend of the Fat Man' on Wattpad!


  • Why most people want to be famous: Money, bragging rights, big houses, fancy cars, expensive clothes/jewelry, invites to A-list parties, lavish vacations
  • Why I want to be famous: Increase chances of meeting/marrying my favorite band member/singer/actor